Woodland Reared Thick Pork Sausage

Woodland Reared Thick Pork Sausage

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Our Pork Sausages are handmade with herbs and spices mixed in house each time, not from a pre made mix. Pork sausages are the perfect breakfast banger.

How to cook pork sausages

​Gently brown your pork sausages in a frying pan with a little oil until nicely golden brown all over. Once browned place into a medium hot oven for 20-25minutes until cooked through. Serve with mashed potato and onion gravy. 

Our pigs

We rear traditional Saddleback and Gloucester Old Spot sows, which are a slow growing breeds. These are then crossed with a Large White or a Welsh boar.

Our sows farrow outside the natural way. Piglets are left on the sow for a minimum of eight weeks so they receive all the essential immunities they need from their mothers milk.

​All our growing pigs are allowed to free range outdoor on fresh pasture and in small wooded areas of the farm. Here they can forage on windfall apples and other bugs and grubs. As well as this the pigs are fed locally grown cereals. During the coldest wettest months of the year our pigs come inside to deep straw barns in small groups.


S02 98% Pork, Salt, Pepper, Contains WHEAT