Woodland Reared Streaky Bacon

Woodland Reared Streaky Bacon

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Free range woodland reared streaky bacon

​Streaky bacon is cut from the belly of the pig. Streaky bacon has a good ratio of fat to lean, great for basting leaner cuts of meat or wrapping round your christmas turkey. Or may be with that alternative breakfast of pancakes, streaky bacon and maple syrup.

Our woodland reared free range streaky bacon is traditionally cured and comes from pigs that have lived a natural free life. 

Price: £1.98/100g
Approx 200g/pack
Ingredients: 98% Pork, Salt, Sugar
Preservatives: E252
Origin: From Pigs Born & Reared in UK
Fat content may vary. Products may not be exactly as pictured.

How to cook streaky bacon

​Place the rashers of bacon on a baking tray and put under a hot grill for around 5 to 6 minutes. Your bacon is ready once your preferred crispiness is reached.

Our pigs

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