Woodland reared pork belly

Woodland reared pork belly

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Free range woodland reared pork belly

​Our pork belly is cut from the underside of the middle of the pig. A fabulous slow roasting joint with a great fat to lean ratio and a lovely covering of cackling when slow roasted. 

Woodland reared pork belly, often the top choice for the slow cooking lover. ​

Price: £13.50 Per Kg
Ingredients: 100% Pork
Origin: From Pigs Born & Reared in UK

Fat content may vary. Products may not be exactly as pictured.

How to cook pork belly

​Score the skin of your pork belly joint with a sharp knife and rub in plenty of salt , olive oil and some cracked black pepper. Then place in a hot over and blast for 20-25 minutes or until all the skin has crackled up. Once the skin has crackled up turn the oven down and slow roast on a low temperature until perfectly tender. 

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