Woodland Reared Dry Cured Back Bacon

Woodland Reared Dry Cured Back Bacon

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Free range woodland reared back bacon

Woodland reared free range unsmoked back bacon. Perfect for Saturday morning breakfasts, dry cured the traditional way.

Our short back bacon is cut from the loin of the pig, this is the middle of the back. With slightly more fat on our bacon than you might find in the supermarket, and cut nice and thick, it's ideal for getting that perfect crispy bacon butty and leaves just enough fat in the pan for you to fry your egg.

​Price: £2.48/100g
​Approx: 200g/pack

Ingredients: 98% Pork, Salt, Sugar
Preservatives: E252
Origin: From Pigs Born & Reared in UK
Fat content may vary. Products may not be exactly as pictured.

How to cook bacon

​At Grassfruits we like to grill our bacon. Place your bacon under the grill, we would suggest a minimum of four rashers per butty. 7 to 10 minutes is ideal for the perfectly crispy bacon butty. 

Our pigs

​Click the link below to learn more about how we rear our pigs.

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