“The tastiest pork I’ve ever had!! All generous, high quality cuts and amazing sausages. It’s brilliant to know that the meat you’re eating has come from an ethical, welfare focused producer.”
Kate, York

I’ve bought a few boxes of pork and a chicken from Grassfruits. I’m very particular about buying meat from responsibly operated farms and the difference in flavour is worlds away from supermarket produce. The pork joints and chops were wonderfully tender and succulent, roasted simply with the minimum of seasoning and no added fat needed to keep them moist. Similarly, the chicken was simply roasted and basted only in its own juices. The carcass made a wonderful rich stock. The bacon came with a good layer of fat and fried properly with no trace of excess water (supermarket bacon doesn’t fry, it just boils). I asked for a small chicken and it was by far the largest bird I’ve ever attempted to fit into the oven. Similarly, the pork joints have to wait until we have guests to feed (we had one for Christmas dinner to make sure my brother was fed properly). I don’t know what the recipe for the sausages is but the flavour brought back fond memories of the ones my grandmother used to buy from her local butchers, some 30+ years ago. She used to cook hers in the Rayburn and I got best results with Grassfruits sausages at a lower oven temperature than I would usually use. Serve simply with parsnip or celeriac mashed potato and a good quality mustard plus a real ale and you’ve got my all-time favourite dinner. This is not fast food but good quality slow food, as it should be. I thoroughly recommend Grassfruits meat.
Mark, York

We have tried the pork joints, the sausages and the bacon, they have all been really lovely and full of flavour.  Grassfruits sausages are the family favourite, they are so tasty and simply the best!
Emma, York