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Our woodland reared free range pork is farmed here on the farm at Grassfruits. All our pork is cut from outdoor reared Saddleback and Gloucester Old Spot pigs that have been slow grown and carry that amazing extra fat on them, essential for succulent full of flavour pork.

You’ll discover our free-range woodland reared pork is far deeper in colour than intensively reared pork. This texture and colour is brought about from their widely varying diet they get from foraging in the woodland they live in. Grassfruits pigs live in small sociable family groups in the forestry on Escrick Park Estate and are slow grown to ensure their meat is full of flavour and texture.

The mouthwatering meal options that can be brought to us from the diverse pig are endless. Whether it be crispy bacon, sizzling sausages or the crack of that incredible crackling. From quick easy meals to the all day slow roasted Sunday lunches our free range woodland reared pork has a cut for every occasion.

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