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Our Pasture Raised Chickens live here on the farm at Grassfruits. They live outside on grass 24/7, allowed to mature slowly, producing a high end full of flavour chicken.

As well as limitless fresh pasture we supplement their diet with organic grain to provide our chickens with a balanced diet. Completely free from antibiotics and GMOs. The field shelters in which the chickens live are moved every single day. This provides them with fresh pasture each day, keeping the birds clean and healthy and allowing access to bugs and worms for a healthy diet. Living in small groups of 75 birds per shelter keep them happy and entertained.

Chicks arrive with us at 1 day old and spend 10 weeks with us on the farm before their one bad day. While with us they receive fresh air, sunshine and unlimited pasture. 10 weeks is twice the time a similar sized bird from the supermarket might be grown for. If you compare one of our Pasture Raised Chickens with a free range chicken from a supermarket the first thing you will notice it the rich yellow colour of our birds, this can only be found on a bird that’s had access to an abundance of fresh pasture. Secondly the full rich flavour from a pasture raised chicken is simply unmatched by that of a supermarket free range chicken.

We believe farming should be ethical for everyone involved. For you, the land, our farmers and the animals. Our aim is to produce ethical meat for all involved.

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